UA marriage is the time of a life, something YOU will remember forever. Why stress with all the planning and organization of the wedding, instead of just having fun and enjoying this wonderful moment?

Planning any wedding is a full time job! That means taking up many weekends and free time during the week to get it done! Relying on My Wedlock Planning to help you, lets you cut back on hard work and simply enjoy the process!

Many believe that the cost of a wedding planner is way beyond their means and that this is just a service meant for the rich and famous. None of this!

Contact with an experienced professional is really the only way to stay on budget. By using our portfolio of suppliers and contacts, experience, negotiation skills to make smarter deals and treating your budget as our own, it ensures that you not only have a great time but also avoid excessive spending.

SWithout ever losing sight of our main goal - delivering an event that is beyond your dreams and exceeds your expectations. Why?

Because... We raise your wedding to extraordinary!